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Should women trust their feelings?

Does God speak to women or men through their feelings?

Jackie Hillberry was in a long term lesbian relationship. When she had true conversion and accepted the Lord Yeshua Jesus, she was regenerated (born from above) and immediately she truly repented and forsook her past lesbian lifestyle.

She spoke about this issue in her book and in podcast.

She said: “Women are endowed with many and intense feelings. God made these feelings, and their main reason is to glorify God with these feelings.

Eve, (like every woman, when she sinned), expressed the word ‘desire,’ a word of affection. The desire was real, it was a real feeling.

Jackie Hillberry added: “I cannot trust my feelings because my feelings have no authority. I must trust the Scripture only.

If we rely on feelings, they will lead us to hell everytime we give them authority.”

Why do most Christian (and Messianic Jewish) women claim that they must trust their feelings and their gut-feeling? And, they say also that the Holy Spirit of God speaks to them through their feelings.

The sad truth is that most Christians, men and women, are not truly born from above. They can be pastors, prophets, prophetesses, healers, prayer warriors, ministers, and active church members, but they are NOT truly born from above (born again). The Church, which is a Socio-Pyramidal-Political-Religious organization promotes such social Christianity (Christian lifestyle) and even forbids the original faith that leads to self-denial, poverty, free service to each other, submission in marriage, abstinence from sex for singles, and unconditional love.

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