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If anyone has a financial difficulty and wishes some financial assistance from the Scholarship Account, please contact Rev. David d’Albany.

If anyone wishes to contribute money to this account, you may do so by contacting Rev. David d’Albany.

Each donor will receive a Greek Alphabet Code Name to maintain confidentiality.

When someone with limited finances wishes to join the tour and upon request, some of the scholarship money will be used for that person.

Each receiver will receive also a Greek Alphabet Code Name to maintain their confidentiality.

There will be a complete and detailed transparency on this website. All transactions will be promptly posted on this page. While keeping the names confidential, all moneys in the Scholarship Account will be revealed in detail.

Please do NOT use God’s Korban (Tithes and Offerings) money to donate to this Scholarship Account. The Scholarship donations need to be above and beyond the Korban money.

All your Korban (Tithes and Offerings) money needs to go 100% directly to the poor and the needy, not to any intermediate organization. In general, with very few exceptions, all non-profit organizations, including churches, keep about 93% of their resources for their salaries, buildings, ministry projects, and overhead expenses which means that generally 7% of their resources is given to the needy and the poor. We believe that the Scripture focused the Korban on the needy only. Before the year 31 AD, the Korban was given to the Temple (the only House of God). This money (Tithes and Offerings) was paid for the sustenance and livelihood of one entire Tribe, the Levites. Today, there is no Temple, and no Houses of God. The poor and needy people represent Jesus Christ directly. Therefore, please do not use your Korban (Tithe and Offering) for this Scholarship Account.

Jesus represented Himself as the hungry, the needy, the poor, the imprisoned, the homeless, and the lonely (such as chaste celibate singles, widows and divorcees) who have very limited resources.

If a Donor wishes to know the name of the Receiver, this can happen only if the Receiver permits. We will request from the Receivers to contact their Donors directly to verify the moneys they receive. We prefer Not to reveal or publish any exact names to protect both the Donors and the Receivers.

Any money left over after the completion of the Tour will be returned to the donors promptly

SCHOLARSHIP ACCOUNT DETAIL:      Current balance = $117.00

Donors List:

     Mr. and Mrs. Alpha donated $117.00

Receivers List: