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Which Liturgy and Music are Most Biblical for Church Worship?

First of all, the question implies that the Church or the Messianic Jewish synagogues represent God or Yeshua Jesus or the Ekklyssias of the elect of Jesus (House Assemblies). Such assumption is false, even hypnotic.

The Church and the Messianic Jewish synagogues pretend falsely that they were established by God (Jesus Christ). Even the Bible translators rendered the word Ekklyssia as Church which is a false translation.

✧ By contrast, William Tyndale was a faithful believer, scholar and theologian. He was martyred, killed by the Christian Church. He refused to follow the Roman Catholic Church*(1); he translated the Bible directly from its original languages, the Greek, Aramaic and Hebrew. The English Bible of Tyndale (AD 1524), did not use the word "Church" anywhere in its pages, it used the CORRECT translation, the word "congregation" and "assembly."

✧ The word ekklyssia was mentioned for the first time in the Greek Apostolic Scriptures in Matthew 16:18, "And I say also unto you, that you are Peter, and upon this rock I will build my congregation (Ekklyssia)."

Thus, Tyndale translated it correctly as Jesus said it: “And I saye also unto thee that thou arte Peter: and apon this rocke I wyll bylde my congregacion. And the gates of hell shall not prevayle ageynst it."

The Tyndale Bible translation is accurate not only to the Greek but also to the Hebrew theology wherein all the elect of Israel are called the "Assembly or Congregation of God."

Then what is the status of the Church or the Messianic Jewish synagogues?

They are simply humanistic organizations. Just as the Clinton Foundation and George Soros Foundations are humanistic, political, social, and pyramidal organizations.

For example, if the Clinton Foundation and any other pyramidal organization teaches the Gospel of Jesus Christ for twenty minutes per week, then they are legitimate Churches or legitimate Messianic Jewish synagogues.

The Churches and the Messianic Jewish synagogues are properly described as:

Socio-Pyramidal-Political-Religious Organization.

Hence, if we ask the question: What type of liturgy and music is most Biblical?

The answer would be absurd because the Church is not Biblical at all.

The answer is: Any form of liturgy and any form of music is appropriate according to the humanistic entertainment and ethical guidelines of each organization.

Some people prefer no music, others prefer soft music, others prefer old hymns and Gospel music, and others prefer the loud violent Rock music. I personally prefer Blue Grass and Classical music.

The liturgy also varies as each Church has its own published Book of Order and liturgy or implied unwritten Book of Order and Liturgy.

If we ask: What was the liturgy and music in the original Ekklyssias (House Assemblies) established by Jesus Christ and practiced for the first three centuries?

The answer is NOT applicable to the Messianic Jewish synagogues or the Churches. The Ekklyssias were NOT synagogues and the Church began in June 325 AD as a Roman hierarchical religious entity attacking and killing the original Messianic Hebrew believers.

The Ekklyssias did not have a liturgy. They met as a family in different houses with average number of twenty people of all ages. They met almost everyday of the week. They honored the Sabbath on Saturday by reading special portions of the Scriptures. They talked together about everything and they ate together. Then they shared the Scripture readings and sometimes interpretations. If they had a teacher, then they could have a deeper insight. If they had a shepherd (pastor) then they could share personal and emotional difficulties. The elders helped in the coordination. None of them was a ruler as falsely taught by the Church and falsely translated from Aramaic into Greek. Neither the elders, nor the teachers, nor the shepherds (pastors), nor the house hosts were ruling anyone. They were all equal. And, no one was paid any money contrary to the hierarchical pyramidal structure of the Church today.

The Churches and the Messianic synagogues cannot identify with or claim unity or union with the ekklyssias of Jesus Christ.

What then, should we abandon the Churches?

Unless you are in a Messianic Hebrew Ekklyssia, i.e. House Assembly as established by Yeshua Jesus, then attending the Church maybe the only source of fellowship and learning about the Scriptures.

The Church and Messianic Synagogues are Social-Religious Clubs that teaches about Jesus and about the Gospels. You can attend with the knowledge that the Church is NEITHER built by Jesus Christ, NOR is the body of Christ, NOR represents Christ, NOR has the right to collect the Korban money, i.e. the Tithes and the Offerings. You may support the Church and any other organization from your money above and beyond your Tithe and Offerings.

The Tithe and the Offerings (Korban) should go directly and only to: (1) The poor, (2) The needy, (3) The helpless and suffering children, (4) The Chaste celibate widows, (5) The Chaste celibate divorcees who are divorced as victim of the adultery of their spouses, (6) The sick who lose their source of income, and (7) The prisoners who are imprisoned due to poverty (Debtor’s Prisoners).

Churches and Messianic Synagogues can have all the money that is above and beyond the Korban, but not the Korban which belongs to God.

In Conclusion, any form of rituals, or liturgy, or music, or form of worship is acceptable for the Churches because none is Biblical.


*(1) Some people may say, that the Roman Catholic Church is Babylon. But in reality, all Protestant Churches, Presbyterians and Evangelicals are Roman Catholic, not only in structure but also in many doctrines which were invented and established beginning in the fourth century AD.

I hope this is helpful.

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