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Fundamentals of


Epistemology (Knowledge) and


(Biblical-Reformed-Theistic Theology)

Dr. David d’Albany

ABCdeFrance Publication


To the Creator who is, not only transcendent, but also immanent with me from birth to the end of my life.

To the Messiah, Immanuel, Jesus Christ.

To Him be all glory, love and honor.

And, to every man and woman, child of God who is obedient and faithful and who shares God’s unconditional love with everyone.

Copyright (C) 2013 Publisher

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English Version: Printed in the Unites States of America

First Printing - May 2013



Chapter 1: The Concept of Systematic Theology 

Chapter 2: Systematic Theology is Essential

Chapter 3: Methodology

Chapter 4: The Christian Theistic Method

                    Principium Essendi

Chapter 5: The One and the Many

                    Analogical Knowledge

Chapter 6: The Theological Method in Science

Chapter 7: Dangerous Positions in Epistemology​

Chapter 8: Christian Epistemology

                   The Object of Knowledge

                   Coherence in Knowledge

                   The Subject of Knowledge

Chapter 9: Ethical Depravity

                    Stages of Man’s Consciousness

Chapter 10: Regeneration

Chapter 11: Reason and Rationality in Epistemology

                     ➀ Reason as Instrumental

                     ➁ Reason as Law of Contradiction

                          The Realm of Possibility

                          The Realm of Probability


                      ➂ Reason as Judge of Evidence of Revelation

Chapter 12: The Analogical Trinity of Man

Chapter 13: Systems of Epistemology

                       Rationalism and Empiricism


Chapter 14: Natural Reason Philosophy

Chapter 15: The Necessity of the Internal Testimony of the Holy Spirit 

Chapter 16: Special Revelation and the Holy Spirit

                       Certainty in Epistemology

Chapter 17: Theistic Revelation

Chapter 18: God’s Revelation in nature - Sciences

Chapter 19: God’s Revelation in man - Psychology


                       Human Intuition

                       Conscious Reasoning

Chapter 20: God’s Revelation of Himself - Theology

                       The Purpose of God’s Self Revelation

                       Univocal Reasoning

                       The Problem of Entropy in the Universe

Chapter 21: The Special Revelation

                      The Necessity of the Special Revelation

                      Special Revelation and the Scripture

                      Contradiction? Science, Psychology, Bible

Chapter 22: Theophany

Chapter 23: Prophecy

                      Test For True Prophecy

Chapter 24: Miracles

                       What is Not a Miracle

Chapter 25: Types of Theology

                      Natural Theology

                      Rational Theology

                      Modern Rational Theology


                      Modern Idealism


Chapter 26: God’s Revelation of His Redemptive Plans

Chapter 27: God’s Grace - Common Grace

                      Special Grace

Chapter 28: Apologetics

                      Apologetics a priori

                      Apologetics and God

Chapter 29: Predestination and Man’s Free Will

                      Apologetics and Determinism

Chapter 30: Final Words



Since God declared His redemptive plans to his children, Satan has been constantly attacking all faithful believers, the Jews first and the faithful Christians with persecutions, or with seductions.

If we ignore the faithful study of the Scripture and of the true theistic theology, we, surely, will be seduced away by every kind of wind, by lawyers beguiled arguments, by hook or by crook, and by people’s desires for illicit or vain riches, for lust and for domination and power.

The goal of this book is to empower every true believer, the faithful Messianic Jew and the faithful born-again Christian, to know the essentials of the theistic Scriptural theological system.

To learn intellectually is only a quarter the picture. Christ called us: First, to have and to keep the Scriptural theistic theology. Second, to love all brothers in Christ without discrimination. Third, to love our neighbors and even those who hate us, and to present the gospel in words and in action to them. Fourth, to pray and have intimate relationship with God, through Jesus Christ.

I am grateful to many people in my life whom God used along the way to be my professors and guides, such as Dr. Cornelius Van Til whose trust, wisdom and teaching, I cherish. Many people were influential in my life, to them, and to the Lord, I am truly thankful.

I cherish especially Dr. André Coste and Monsieur André Vinard for their firm stance in the orthodox reformed theology, and for their ministry throughout their entire lives in France.

My recommendation for the reader of this book is that: when you come to a new concept that you may not be familiar with it, continue on, and upon your second reading such new concept will make sense.

I repeated new concepts, with several comments and connections, to enable the reader to connect all the dots, and to feel eventually comfortable with the theological concepts and their interrelatedness. I recommend a second reading of the book, unless you are already a theologian.

We affirm that the Scripture alone is the absolute Truth. And, our theistic systematic theology is the best categorization of this Truth.

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