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When Was Yeshua Jesus Born?

There are four major trends or ideas about the date of the birth of Jesus. Only one of them is true.

We believe that the first option is true or the truest.

(1) According to Jonathan Cahn and other Bible scholars, Jesus was born on 1 Nissan which happened to be 20 March 6 BC.

this is based on his research in the Qumran and Talmud which ascribed the service of Zechariah of the Abiah priests group to be about the middle of January 7 BC. Luke 2 mentioned that in the sixth month of the pregnancy of Elisabeth, Zechariah's wife, the angel Gabriel announced to Miriam that is has conceived by the Holy Spirit. Hence Miriam delivered the child on 1 Nissan 6 BC.

(2) Other scholars consider the reference in Luke 2 "In the sixth month" to refer to the month of Elul, which is about September. In such a case, the birth of Yeshua the Messiah would be in May 6 BC.

(3) Other scholars like the  idea of considering the b irth of Jesus during the Feast of Tabernacle. Rabbi Maimonides who does not believe that Yeshua is the Messiah is of this opinion.

(4) The Roman Christians who converted to the Faith of the Messiah Jesus decided to incorporate paganism in their faith to avoid the persecution of the Romans and also to receive the approval and Tolerance of Emperor Constantine, counting them as equal to the other pagan religions in Rome. They falsified the day of the resurrection of Jesus from Saturday at about 3 PM to Sunday. They falsely declared that Jesus was born on the same day of the Pagan Feast Saturnalia. They attributed the Sun-god characteristics and attributes to Jesus and called Him the Sun-god and worshiped him on Sunday (Sun-god Day) and also made all their churches to face east where the pagans worship the Sun-god.

Therefore, it is clear that Christmas is not the birth day of Christ, but Saturnalia with a new Christian name.