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What Are The Seventeen Marks of a True Regenerate Redeemed by the Blood of the Messiah Christ?

The following seventeen marks must exist as evidence of true regeneration in every believer. To fall short of them rarely and occasionally does NOT negate the regeneration, but to live in sin and furthermore to teach contrary to them is evidence that the person is NOT truly born again from above, even though he may profess to be a "good" Christian or a "good" Messianic Jew.

(1) Faith in One God. God is One.

(2) Do NOT make images or representations for luck, divination, or worship.

(3) Do NOT take the name of YHWH falsely: do not claim that you are a man or a woman of God and represent God in any official capacity and do not take God's money, the tithes and the offerings, for your organization or Christian Club claiming it to be God's work.

(4) Keep the Sabbath. God YHWH Yeshua Jesus is the Lord of the Sabbath and He never changed it to Sunday. The Roman Christian Bishops and Pastors changed it. Which Lord do you follow? the Lord of the Sabbath, or the Lord of Sunday? Sunday was and continues to be the Sun-god Day (Sol Invictus Dei).

(5) Honor your parents.

(6) Do NOT kill humans.

(7) Do NOT have any sexual relationship outside the marriage.

Boy-girl friendship is nothing but a culturally acceptable monogamous prostitution (friendship with benefits). This is abomination in the sight of God. Also extra marital intimate relationships, which are very common, are abomination and sin before God. Some Bible teachers (ordained) may have had sexual relationships with some of their parishioners discretely while they excuse their weak human nature and needs. Such behavior is a clear disobedience to the Seventh Commandment of God and should never be acceptable even in the spirit of love, tolerance, and forgiveness. Shepherds should NOT eat their sheep.

8) Do NOT steal.

(9) Do NOT gossip, slander, talk negatively about someone absent which are all "False Testimonies."

(10) Do NOT covet and plan to take your neighbors wife or any of his properties.

(11) Love God with all your heart, your mind (soul), and your body (strength).

(12) Love your neighbor (everyone on your way or around you) as yourself.

(13) Love the believers as your own family and be ready and willing to die for their protection.

(14) Forgive always the spiritual sins. You need to regulate the civil liability issues, but you must forgive the spiritual sins.

(15) Manifest all the Fruit of the Holy Spirit mentioned in Galatians.

(16) Obey God in eating Clean Food (Kosher food, NOT defined by the rabbis). Clean Food is eating clean animals which are killed humanly with a knife and bled completely, and also it is eating food NOT offered to other gods whether Luciferian gods or Hollywoodian gods. This is confirmed in Acts 15.

The rabbis have exaggerated the rules of Kashrut Laws and the Messiah Yeshua Jesus told us NOT to obey the rabbis, but to obey only the Scriptures.

(17) Keep the Korban (Tithe and Offerings). While the Ceremonial blood sacrifices were all fulfilled in the sacrifice of the Messiah Yeshua Jesus on the cross, yet the Korban continues. A True Believer offers his tithes and offerings NOT to a Church or to a Synagogue, but directly to the needy, the poor, the children, the chase faithful widows as Jesus reminds us that He comes to us as such.

Any money you give to a Church or a Synagogue or a Pastor or a Rabbi or a Missionary or a Bishop or a Priest is NOT given to God.

Shepherds should NOT eat their sheep by taking their money.

You may give them any and all your money, but remember, your Korban (Tithe and Offering) counts only when you give it to the needy, the poor, the chaste widows, the helpless children.

You may support anyone who pleases you in their physique or skin color or personality or sweet blessings and peace words or their motivational speech. But, such support needs to be above and beyond your Korban (Tithe and Offerings to God). You may support equally any and all humanitarian, religious, and political organizations, but remember, such support does not count as Korban (Tithe and Offering to God).

May these seventeen measures (marks) bring a blessing to your life.